Sunday, February 7, 2010

Timber and Snow

Well - here we are...on the cusp of 25 weeks into the pregnancy and things are still rolling along. We had a bit of a scare last week when Christine fell while teaching. She fell on her knees and was not hurt, so we didn't think it was a big issue! Wow - we were wrong...Apparently whenever a pregnant woman slips they should call their doctor to see if it harmed the baby at all. In fact the doctors said that even if you don't fall to the ground (just a slight slip) you should be checked out!

Everything went well when Christine got checked out...In fact she was more into the fact that she got to wear a hospital bracelet! This was her first trip to the hospital since she was 6 years old! My mom went to the hospital with her (thanks Mom) since it wasn't an immediate emergency, and she was excited because she got to hear the baby's heartbeat for 45 minutes! So all in all Christine got her bracelet and mom got to hear the baby and Dad (me) was stuck at work freaking out and waiting to hear some news!

We have signed up for baby classes and I am actually excited about them...well, I am now - I'm sure that will wear off about the first hour or so into it! I am not downplaying the importance of the fact, I think it will answer some of the questions we have and put us at ease to some point. Its funny what people say based on their experiences during every aspect of this adventure, and as I have said before everyone has an opinion. But, most of the dads i know have been pretty consistent about the grossness of the videos i will be seeing here in the next couple of months! In fact, almost all of them said that the videos were more horrifying than the actual even because you are not tied emotionally to the video...I find this funny because lately Christine is tied emotionally to everything,,,videos included! So, it may be different for her!! Dan Jansen (former Olympian) is featured on a commercial now where he promised his sister he would win a Gold medal for her in the 98 Games...He fell in his pursuit and she dies shortly after. Then it pans to him winning the Gold years later and skating a victory lap with his daughter that is named after his sister...Christine cries at this commercial EVERY time! It is a touching commercial, but normally emotions will die off after some time...not for her!

SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW...One of the biggest snow storms just hit MD and one constant question kept coming up..."what is it going to be like in here with a baby?" Most of the questions Christine asks are not ones that can be answered! I think its sort of like a "Keep Anthony on his Toes" game...but this one really got to me....Because I have no idea!! My friend Matt told me that no one can tell you what to imagine, you just roll with it as it comes...and I think that's what we will have to do. But, I can tell you that no matter how it is with Baby Kevin here, it will be great! As the clothes and toys start piling up and our registry gets smaller we are both getting more and more excited! Stay warm and dry!