Thursday, January 21, 2010

What did our Parents do??

This whole pregnancy thing has made me wonder what it was like when our parents were in our shoes!! I mean, think about it...there was no Internet, no parent books, less restrictions and we all turned out just fine!! well...most of us! As far I know our moms walked around pregnant with cigarettes in their mouths and a shot of Jack in their hand!! Ok, that is a little over-reaction...but, today if a pregnant woman is within 100 miles of a lit cigarette people dive on her like the secret service does on the President if shots are fired!

On the flip-side I do like the baby books. I think its good to be prepared for certain situations, but seriously some of these chapters could be left out!! If you are pregnant and you think it's ok to drink and smoke and snort lines of cocaine you have bigger issues than worrying about your baby's health! Where do these people come from! Who is getting ready to drink a lemon-drop shot and is suddenly stopped by the future baby daddy because he just "read" that its not cool!

The Internet is something that I could go either way on when it comes to baby stuff...I say its cool to google about what is going on with your child during what it weighs at week 22, or that it starts to urinate inside the mom at week 12...some of that stuff is cool! However, the fact that you can easily google: "EVERYTHING that can go wrong with pregnancy" is a bit much!! The hormones are crazy enough Mr. Internet...Thanks a lot!!

Another thing that has changed in this generation are registries for the baby! I mean, I am pretty sure that most of us drank from a bottle that was warmed by it being placed in a pan of boiling water!! Not my baby though! No, our little guy will be sipping on a bottle warmed by a "bottle warmer!" I refused to buy the "wipe warmer" because we are not raising a pre-Madonna here, and he can deal with a cold wipe now and again...besides it is very refreshing! Re-calls makes registering as difficult as figuring out who killed Kennedy! If you REALLY REALLY like something, there is a good chance it will be re-called! its a good way to keep us on our toes!!

So, after a blog like this I guess I need to give you all my opinions. Whether you were one of our parents or living in this generation, you have all you need to be a good parent inside you! I think all the technology and resources we have around us now are good, but not necessary. I believe that we all have instincts and a parental knowledge that will leak out when the time is right! Everyone has an opinion on how a child should be raised....but ultimately, your own way is probably the best!

ps...I can not imagine how many stroller options there will be once our kids start having kids...Babies R Us will have to be as big BJ's! I mean, the breast pump section already takes up an aisle and a half!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Mount Trend Continues

It has now been a little over a week since Christine and I had our 20 week appointment and sonogram! Each time I have sat down to write this blog entry I have stopped because I wanted to capture everything on 1 entry...since this is big news!! As for the title of this entry...All of Christine's friends from Mount Saint Mary's have had boys....5 Boys...and we make #6!!!

I'm not quite sure if I have ever had a stranger day in all my life. The anticipation of finding out whether we were having a son or daughter was nerve racking! Not only were we curious of the gender, we were waiting to hear that our baby was healthy! Prior to this appointment we had not heard the heartbeat for 8 weeks...and if that doesn't seem like a long time - it felt like an eternity! Luckily, the first thing they did when we went into the back was let us hear the beat of the heart...This appointment is a lot different than the rest...they go through and show you every part of the baby. The heart was so cool to see. We could see all 4 chambers and that everything was functioning properly. Our baby was actually looking like a baby. 8 weeks before this I swear it looked like a sea creature! A cute sea creature, but a sea creature none the less!!

Of course, as a guy, I was really focused one 1 thing after I saw the heart...and I bet I don't need to elaborate!! Of course, the tech went to every other area of the baby first, and made me sweat it out! I mean, I'm glad my child has functioning kidneys and a good brain...but COME ON ALREADY!!! When we finally got to "the area" I began to get really nervous...and of course the baby's legs were crosses and pinned, we had to go count the toes before coming back - and YES, there were 10!

When the tech ventured back up to check the gender it was "obvious" to the tech that it was a BOY! I am not really sure what happened after this, except that I cried like a little girl...and so did Christine!! I would have been more than happy with a girl, but I'm not going to lie - I was going for a boy all the way!!

The name is going to Kevin James Davis (after our fathers), and truthfully this is probably the main reason for my tears. Not to be extremely mushy or redundant on this blog, but I feel extremely bless to honor my father this way. I have always said that my Dad is my hero in life (along with my mother). I have never known a better man, and I probably never will. I am so ready to be a father to my baby boy because of my relationship with my dad. I cant wait to play catch with him, take him to ball games, watch reality TV with him (haha), and just be there for him like my dad was there for me! I can not wait to be involved in his life...being a father, and a coach in life!

During my rehearsal dinner for our wedding, I told my parents - "You didn't always give me everything I ever wanted...but you always gave me everything I ever needed..." And, Kevin - I promise to be there for you always and give you all the love and guidance you require just like my parents did for me. I will try to live up to this motto during your life and never take 1 day for granted. You will truly be a gift to your mom and I and am so looking forward to meeting you...and looking forward to being a Dad! The day you are born will be the day that I can honestly say that I am living my dream...because all I have ever wanted was to be a dad, and I have been waiting all my life to meet you!