Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One More Week!!

Sorry for the long gap between entries...but there has not been that much happening...Well, a lot of little things are happening, just nothing major!! Overall, I think its a good thing that there is nothing major going on at this stage! We are now just 1 week away from finding out if we are going to have a boy or a girl...and I am so very excited!!

First, the little things that are going on...We have received the family bassinet!! Brad and Heather called and told us that Molly is finished with the bassinet, so it is now in the nursery! Some of you are probably saying, "so what, its just a bassinet!!" Well, for sappy family guys like me this bassinet means much more! Everyone that has been placed in the bassinet is written on the bottom and it is really cool for me to continue the tradition. We are now also starting to get Christmas gifts for the baby...i knew it would be pretty cool to get these things, but I didn't think it would be this great!! I like opening stuff for the baby more than stuff for me! We got a cool Ravens one-sie and hat, and a toy chest with a bunch of toys so far! I'm sure there is more of this coming with our trip to NY on the horizon!

Christine is still feeling fantastic, which apparently means that we are having a boy! Do I believe that when people say it? No, but any signs that point to boy I usually think are accurate! I have been giving a lot of thought to the boy/girl question lately, and by a lot I mean NON-STOP...and i have to say I have imagined it both ways. We can find out the sex on December 29th which is next Tuesday!!! Needless to say we are very excited, and anxious to get the results. We cant wait to call the baby by name; instead of Baby Davis! We have picked out names, and we are set for either gender. For a boy we are going with Kevin James (after our fathers), and for a girl we are going with Meghan Elizabeth. So, there it is!! You are all in the loop on the names! Next week around 2pm we will be posting the results either on this blog or on facebook - probably on both! I will be crying either way...either because I will be having a daddy's girl, or my little boy! Keep the prayers coming for a healthy baby, at this point that is all that matters!

I would also like to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy holiday season. I would also like to acknowledge friends with family members and/or friends that are fighting for our country overseas. I am very happy to report that my friend Gina welcomed her brother home from the war this week. Gina, Dom truly is a hero, and I am happy that you and your family can celebrate with him this Christmas! Please give him all of our heartfelt thanks and love. Spend as much time with your family as possible this holiday folks - Family is everything, without it - we are nothing!! See ya next week, I cant wait to blog some more good news!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Hit (not what you think....yet)

So, I have learned quickly that things "hit you" at different times during pregnancy. No, I am not talking about Christine punching and knocking me out - although that could be coming...I am referring to those moments where you realize what is about to happen in life. Hearing the heartbeat was one of those moments, seeing it was another, and now putting up Christmas decorations has "hit me!" This will be the last Christmas that I will have without a child...and I get to be Santa next year! I know, this stuff sounds so weird and almost non-masculine...but I'm sorry, I am soaking it all in here! It's never a bad thing when you are true to yourself and true to who you are when expressing feelings. At least, that's what I was taught!

Christine has continued her fantastic pregnancy and has still not felt sick! Most of our friends seem to give her a bad look when she says this stuff because they refer back to their pregnancy woes. But, she really enjoys being preggo...and for a husband that is a good thing! We are both really looking forward to December 29th to find out what we are going to have. A lot of you think we are going to continue the Mount Saint Mary's trend and have a boy....for those of you that don't know what that is - let me explain. Christine has many great friends from the Mount, and so far 4 of them have had a child.....ALL BOYS! The 5th, is due at any moment, is a BOY! So Christine will either break the streak, or keep it alive! Personally, I am not really interested in all these boys having an interested in my daughter (if I have a girl that is) for a prom date. I would like it, however, if my BOY joined some of the other boys on the Calvert Hall Football Team....see where i am going with this?? And if it is a boy..i already saw about 1,000 things to be at the CHC school store! I would also be a happy father if i had a daughter...she would be a nun, but i would be very proud of my nun! Feel free to post away with what you think we will have...its always fun to hear the responses!

In closing, I just want to say that I am fully appreciative of all the comments and words of encouragement I have received about writing this blog. Some of the personal messages and facebook comments I have received have really touched me, and in some cases have brought a tear to my eye. I am not writing just to get a reaction, or say things just because they sound good. All that appears in this blog comes directly from my feelings...that's the only way I know! I have always wore my heart on my sleeve, and I mean everything i write...I honestly could not be happier at this point in my life. So, thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write me - and please...keep reading!

Monday, November 23, 2009

14 Weeks

You know you are excited for your child to arrive when you are so excited that they can now produce urine!! That's right folks - my child can now produce urine and pee!! It's been a couple weeks since my last blog, because honestly there is not a lot that is changing! Christine is moving along nicely and without sickness...and this is good for her and even better for me! You hear all the horror stories..."Just wait man...she is going to start flipping out on you, and getting sick everywhere!" Truthfully, she has only snapped at me when I have given her a good reason to do so!

We have started to search for the essentials, and the not so essentials for the baby! By essentials I mean: Crib, Dresser, Rocker, Changing table, etc. The furniture is the big ticket stuff that needs to be addressed!! By non-essentials I mean the stuff we have filling part of the Baby Room already! That "baby room" by the way, has once been called the "wedding room" (used to stuff all our extra items from the wedding in 2007), and then "the Everything we don't have anywhere else to put" room! The room has successfully been cleaned out and now is suitable for a baby! TOT SWAP...2 words that every expectant father has heard, and the origin on the non-essential stuff we have acquired! Don't get me wrong...I know eventually we are going to need a dog that talks about numbers and the alphabet and laughs when you touch its red nose...but we don't need it NOW! The best part about this is that all guys have heard the same thing..."But it was on sale!!" I swear women will buy anything if its on sale! Christine had a budget of $50 for the TOT Swap a month ago...I told her that we will be getting a lot for our Baby Showers (3 of them) and we don't really need to spend money yet! The night was a success for Christine, but not so much for the budget...she spent $98!

Cleaning out the room was no easy task. Christine and I both had a vision of how that process would go, but I soon realized that mine was simply a vision, and in now way resembling a plan of action! It is amazing too me how much "stuff" you can acquire in 2-3 years...and I am sure it only gets worse from here!

The new developments are that we now know the date where we can find out if we are having a boy or a girl - December 29th!!! and YES, we are finding out...I know, I know - Its a natural surprise that life gives you and we should not find out...and, "Back in the day we couldn't find out so we were surprised!" Well, I look at it this way...Back in the day you could not take Tylenol for a head ache because there was no Tylenol...So I'm taking my Tylenol, and if they can "surprise" me on December 29th and let me know what we are having...I'm all IN! It will still be a surprise, just 5 months early, and I am OK with that! We also have the names ready to go WAY ahead of schedule, but we have always really had our names we liked. I will let you know those later!

Have a safe, Happy, and Healthy Holiday this week, and make sure to spend as much time with your family as possible. Family is what it's all about, so enjoy each other....and as always: GO HALL!! BEAT THE DONS!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Heartbeat That Changed Everything

The best advice or "words of wisdom" I have received so far came from my friend Matt...He told me that no matter what I hear, nothing can prepare me for whatever is coming my way. He said that no matter what people tell me about certain experiences through this process, they will all be so different to me. He has been so right, and I would imagine this trend will continue!!

For those of you that know my wife and I personally, you know that we have had to overcome many obstacles to get pregnant. The entire process to me has been more amazing and life-changing than I can possibly describe on this blog. I am a better person already because of my child that has not even taken a breath...and to me that is completely amazing. I learned at an early age that things in life are not guaranteed, or promised. Times like these in our lives we can only classify as gifts. My wife and I are truly grateful for our gift.

As stated in previous blogs, early pregnancy can be scary! There are the medical issues that can happen, but I am focusing more on the "real-world" end..."How can we afford this baby? How can we pay for daycare? Will we be able to be the parents our parents were/are to us?" Well, today all that was put to rest. it was as if someone waived a magic wand over us...in truth it was waived over my wife's stomach. As we walked into the doctor office today we had all of this on our minds....We left with nothing but smiles and a sense that everything was going to be alright, no matter what!

Our doctor entered the room and greeted us in the most cheerful way possible...She was incredible and genuinely excited for us. Capital Women's Care has been nothing but fantastic. They are "all smiles" from the secretaries, to the nurses, to the doctors....they are all truly invested in their field and completely involved in their patients life, and it is very inspiring. their practice consists of 5 doctors. Each time you go to the office you see a different doctor, so that on the day of delivery you can be comfortable with any of the doctors that are on call. This would eliminate any "Knocked Up" Hollywood moments, where their doctor was on vacation and they didn't know the doctor. These doctors that we are seeing act as if they understand how important each piece of the process is to their patients. As a sales rep, maybe I can take a page from their book and act as if I understand that each time a new customer comes in to buy their first mobile office, I should take a vested interest! These professionals take the time to make you feel important during their part in the "gift" of life, which is so inspiring since they do it thousands of times!

Today was so much different than other appointments...we actually could hear the life emerging from my wife. When the doctor put the stethoscope to my ears and I heard my child's heart beating I swear that all my worries of life (money, stress, etc.) melted away with each tear as it rolled off my cheek. I remember saying to myself: "No matter what, I will be there for my child, and everything will be fine...The money will be there when it needs to, and all that matters is that I will be there for my family!" I also thought about the fact that I have always been a family man...I love my mom and dad and my brothers, and I am so proud of our family. Well, it dawned on me today that I don't only have that family....I am going to have my own! I have my lovely wife and now I am going to bring another life into our circle. It finally hit me: I am going to be a dad!

Many people judge and measure their lives on different levels....some things make people "tick" more that others, and that's life. Not to brag, but I live and lead an amazing life. I have an amazing family, I went to my dream high school, graduated from college, got my Masters degree, have bought 2 house, and married an amazing woman. All of these things would be enough for a lot of people...not for me. My life will be complete when my child is born...All I have ever wanted to be was a father, and I am truly grateful and amazed that this is about to complete my life! I want to experience it all...the good times, and the bad times. The homeruns on the diamond and the bad Parent Teacher Conferences! I want it all!! I want to be there for my child like my parents were for me, and it is my only goal in life moving forward!

I'm sorry I dropped a bit of a sappy blog here, but I said I would tell you what was on my mind. I will forever remember the happenings of this day and apply it to my life always...because today I learned that all my dreams would come true, and as long as I put my wife and child first - the rest will fall into place. I don't need the money, the cars, the fame, or the fortune - -I just need my family, and it all started with a heartbeat.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

All By Myself

During the work week it seems that couples only see each other for a few hours a day. There are those few moments in the morning while getting ready for work, watching the news, and grabbing a breakfast bar on the way out the door....And those few hours at night for dinner and unwinding...Let's face it - Most of us work until 4 or 5 and then don't get home until 5 or 6...So the time spent together in the evening is limited...Well, when you get pregnant the time seems to diminish A LOT!!

One of the first signs of pregnancy is fatigue...Well, if by fatigue you mean acting like you were hit in the head with a tack hammer whenever you are at a rested state, then my wife is all over it! I swear I have never seen a person fall asleep so fast in my life...Once her glasses hit the night stand, it's all over! It's like she is turning a switch from awake to sleep! Normally this is a pretty good thing...Many people would love to fall asleep so easily...Well - she does this at 7:45pm...When you don't make the end of Wheel of Fortune I think you have issues!!

So, what have I done with all the down time?? Most of the nights I have taken full advantage of being in control of my TV destiny and falling asleep to sports on the tube without anyone telling me to "put something else on," or to "find something we both want to watch!" Guys - isn't it funny when they say that! I mean, they should just say, "Can we watch what I want?" - because that's what they mean! Anyway - there are also the nights where I fall asleep really early too! When there is nothing on TV (normally Wednesday nights) and I am finished harvesting my crops on Farmville (my newest vice), I figure there is nothing to do, so I sleep!

When you are married there are those times when you just say to yourself...."LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Obviously, this can be said by the husband or wife, and I think it should be said more freely...We all need our down time....But this pregnancy stuff gets a little ridiculous! Its like someone is saying, "Sleep now, because you wont know what sleep is like later!" But, how can i sleep when there is Anthony TV on all night!!!!

We are now almost 11 weeks along and entering the end of our first tri-mester! Crazy how fast time flies...especially for Christine...She has slept through most of it! HA HA!

Friday, October 23, 2009


It has been said (not necessarily by me) that pregnant women get a little crazy early on in pregnancy! I am pretty sure that my lovely wife is OK with me sharing that I have seen a little bit of this early on!! Hormones are a crazy thing at times, and during pregnancy they seem to be all hopped up like a bunch of 10 year olds on pixie stix! In my life, I have always dealt with sticky situations through humor...and these hi-hormonal times call for a bit of the same! Every time Christine seems to be getting a little out of whack, I say "RAGING!" - as if to say that her hormones are raging out of control! Now, the first time I said this I was definitely taking a walk on the wild and dangerous side! She could have erupted like a volcano and spewed lava in my direction...But - I know my wife, and she thought it was hilarious!

Being able to use humor in this situations is a gift, BUT there is a such thing as over use....And I have not mastered that yet! I know what you're all thinking...Christine is so sweet, how on Earth could she "snap!" Well, lucky for you all - I have an example...My brother and his girlfriend were coming over for dinner and they called me that afternoon asking what they could bring. I said a dessert would be nice, so they asked me what Christine could not eat so they didn't make that...well, in all the books and websites that i have looked at - i thought (which was my first mistake) that she could not eat nuts...So, i relayed this information to my brother. So they come to dinner and they bring a dessert with half nuts, and half NO NUTS! Christine enquired about the dessert and I said (acting like i helped her out), "I told them you couldn't have nuts sweetie!" She looked at me as if I had just ended her universe...and said - "WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING??" HA HA - apparently, she could have nuts, and wanted nuts!! Everyone laughed and i said, "RAGING!" Then she laughed!!

So guys...give it a try! If your pregnant wife is going off on a tangent and seem out of control...look at her and say.."RAGING!" But be ready to run in case they arent as cool as my lovely wife!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Life seems to be full of important questions that people will ask...and I have noticed that there is clearly no end in sight!! When I was a single college grad I would often get asked..."So, when are you going to settle down and date someone?" As if I wasn't looking, right? After Christine and I were dating for about 6 months the progression of questioning went on the path of engagement!! "When are you going to buy a ring and propose to this girl??" I remember that I didn't even have a chance to brush the dirt off of my knee before the next question followed...."When is the wedding?" AHHHHH

The questions however intensify after that, and they seem never-ending..."Are you guys planning on having kids?" - YES...."When?" - Not sure...we don't want to wait too long! "How many?" - Can I have 1 first?!! It felt like a HUGE relief to announce that we were pregnant...maybe the questions would stop!! HA - NEVER!!
  • Are you going to find out the sex?
  • Do you have names picked out?
  • Are you going to breastfeed?
  • Is your house big enough?
  • Whats the nursery going to be?
  • Is Christine going back to work?
  • Can you afford this?

For the record...YES, YES, not personally, YES, No idea, YES and NO!

Christine and I are planners, more her than I! Today in fact, I got a call from her asking what I was doing on a specific date next spring....My answer of course was - No idea! For this reason we need to find out the sex of the baby! We think that for the first baby the showers will go smoother if we know what we are having and know what to register for....plus we would drive ourselves insane!!

I have always heard expectant fathers say that they don't care if they are having a boy or a girl...just want a healthy baby! I always thought that they really all wanted sons, but they just said that to make their wife happy...And maybe they did...A boy would be great since my brother has had 2 beautiful girls, and we need some balance! Then again, a daughter would be great too...I always cry at the movie "Father of the Bride" and would love to have that kind of relationship with my daughter! I honestly thought I would always say BOY when I was asked that, but I guess things change when you are going through it! So my answer....boy or girl....a healthy baby is all I want!

Well...I thinks that's all for now...The only question I want to hear on this Monday night is "Are you Ready for Some Football???" And yes I am!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 things

Well, we just had our 8 week appointment - and it was as good as advertised! We are REALLY pregnant! it hits home when the doctor takes the time to go over everything with you and tell you how everything is going...And I am happy to report that all is very well! Christine was a trooper as usual and the nurses and the doctor could not have been better!

We had a sonogram and I got to see the heartbeat again...still amazing to see! I was happy that they took us back right away and did the sonogram because that is really what we both wanted to see - that the baby was doing great and to see that heart beating. And it was beating at 151 bpm, which I'm told is perfectly normal (it looks like our kid already has their parents stress levels)! After the pics the nurse took us back into a room and told us one of the best things I have heard so far...She said - "I will give you 3 pointers to your pregnancy that you should live by!" WOW, I thought to myself - I can even remember 3....and they made a lot of sense!

1. Don't read books! (WHOOPS, already started!)
2. Don't go on the Internet! (Christine is guilty here!)
3. Your friends aren't doctors! (HA HA)

I like #3 the best! The books and the Internet can scare the Hell out of you, but that third one can be the kicker!! I'm sure you have all heard the expression..."Opinions are like _________...Everyone has them (This is PG folks!)!" When you're pregnant - EVERYONE around you that has either a) been pregnant, b) known someone who has been pregnant, or c) wants to be pregnant, knows what you should be doing during your pregnancy! My wife and I were actually worried that she has not been sick and nauseous yet!! HA HA - AGAIN, we were worried that she WASN'T sick! Why? Well, because her pregnant friends are all sick! HA HA! The nurse told us that it is perfectly normal and perfectly lucky, and to laugh at our sick pregnant friends!! She really said that, but I would NEVER laugh at a pregnant woman!

After that the doctor came in and examined Christine (her yearly woman check-up), but this time it was a little different....Why? Because I was in the room during it! I have a better appreciation for being a dude after that exam, and I will leave it at that!! I'm also sure I will be more happy to be a guy after 9 months!

FACEBOOKing the fact that we were pregnant after the long wait was the best!! We have such a great group of family and friends supporting us! I could not wait to put that on there, but we all know that I have Facebook issues!!

That's it for now...and remember friends - you aren't doctors! But you can keep the opinions coming!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Early...So Early

First off....i must say that I NEVER thought I would ever write a blog. But, at the urging of a good friend, I decided to give it a try (thanks Val)!

My lovely wife and I have been trying to have a baby for a while now, and it has been an adventure to say the least!! Ever since I can remember I have only wanted 1 thing...not a million dollars (although that would be pretty sweet) - I've always wanted to be a dad and have a family. My family means everything to me....always has, and always will! So the idea of starting a family had me so excited!!!

Home Pregnancy Tests can change your life, and also make you miserable for weeks on end! Unfortunately, for the first few months of trying we were completely miserable upon reading the results. Thoughts would creep into our heads that we may never become parents, and that it just wont happen for us...It made our days long, and our nights even longer with the lack of sleep! Christine and I are planners and tend to worry a lot...So having this weigh on us was pretty hard!

There were always constant reminders that we were NOT having a baby, and that EVERYONE else was...There were more pregnant women around us wherever we went than ever before!! The waitresses we had for dinner were pregnant, most of our bridesmaids from our wedding were either pregnant or had just had a child, and every time the phone rang - SOMEONE WAS PREGNANT! I told Christine that we shouldn't answer the phone anymore! Don't get me wrong...We were always so excited for those around us...but inside it was tough!

But I am happy to report...that on September 14th, at 4:30am (Yes, you are reading that correctly - 4 in the morning! Christine set her alarm for early in the morning since it was a Monday and she would have to prepare herself for work if it was a negative test)...my wife was screaming for me to come into the bathroom..."PREGNANT" was shown on the test as clear as day...After i cried like a little girl...I said to my wife, "Now what are we going to do?" It was a joke of course, but I sort of meant it! How was I going to be a dad? My dad was (and still is) a hero to me, and now I am supposed to be that for my child?! Truth be told - I can't wait to attempt to be as great to my kids as my parents were (and are) to me, but the pressure is there, and the bar is high!!

Seeing the heartbeat at our week 6 appointment was easily the coolest thing I have ever seen. The early stages of pregnancy are scary times! I'm reminded of the line from The Santa Clause (I will be quoting movies often on here), "Ever seen a Million Dollars? Well, just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist!" Well, before our 6 week appointment - I wasn't seeing anything, and I was constantly asking - "are we still pregnant?" The test says you are pregnant, but she doesn't feel pregnant, and she looks the same - so, are we pregnant?? Well, seeing the heartbeat made a believer out of me! There is something alive and growing inside of my wife...WOW! It's easy to blow it off when someone tells you how magical of a time it is, but trust me - it is!

I will be updating this blog from time to time to let everyone know whats happening (whether you care or not!)...After Val mentioned this to me, I thought about it and agreed that it will be a good way to document the process and give everyone a few laughs from time to time!!