Thursday, January 21, 2010

What did our Parents do??

This whole pregnancy thing has made me wonder what it was like when our parents were in our shoes!! I mean, think about it...there was no Internet, no parent books, less restrictions and we all turned out just fine!! well...most of us! As far I know our moms walked around pregnant with cigarettes in their mouths and a shot of Jack in their hand!! Ok, that is a little over-reaction...but, today if a pregnant woman is within 100 miles of a lit cigarette people dive on her like the secret service does on the President if shots are fired!

On the flip-side I do like the baby books. I think its good to be prepared for certain situations, but seriously some of these chapters could be left out!! If you are pregnant and you think it's ok to drink and smoke and snort lines of cocaine you have bigger issues than worrying about your baby's health! Where do these people come from! Who is getting ready to drink a lemon-drop shot and is suddenly stopped by the future baby daddy because he just "read" that its not cool!

The Internet is something that I could go either way on when it comes to baby stuff...I say its cool to google about what is going on with your child during what it weighs at week 22, or that it starts to urinate inside the mom at week 12...some of that stuff is cool! However, the fact that you can easily google: "EVERYTHING that can go wrong with pregnancy" is a bit much!! The hormones are crazy enough Mr. Internet...Thanks a lot!!

Another thing that has changed in this generation are registries for the baby! I mean, I am pretty sure that most of us drank from a bottle that was warmed by it being placed in a pan of boiling water!! Not my baby though! No, our little guy will be sipping on a bottle warmed by a "bottle warmer!" I refused to buy the "wipe warmer" because we are not raising a pre-Madonna here, and he can deal with a cold wipe now and again...besides it is very refreshing! Re-calls makes registering as difficult as figuring out who killed Kennedy! If you REALLY REALLY like something, there is a good chance it will be re-called! its a good way to keep us on our toes!!

So, after a blog like this I guess I need to give you all my opinions. Whether you were one of our parents or living in this generation, you have all you need to be a good parent inside you! I think all the technology and resources we have around us now are good, but not necessary. I believe that we all have instincts and a parental knowledge that will leak out when the time is right! Everyone has an opinion on how a child should be raised....but ultimately, your own way is probably the best!

ps...I can not imagine how many stroller options there will be once our kids start having kids...Babies R Us will have to be as big BJ's! I mean, the breast pump section already takes up an aisle and a half!

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  1. Agreed Ant! You can ask Mike about this... I, very literally, started sobbing hysterically when I turned to a page in my book that showed a diagram of how large a woman's cervix dilates (actual size)! Hysterical! I was terrified!