Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Im sure a lot of you are aware but there is a lot different about me this summer... I dont get hot as fast, i cut the grass a lot quicker, and i dont threaten someone's life when the AC isnt under 70 degrees!    It amazing what losing 183 pounds  can do!  I hope I am not annoying you all with my posts about Take Shape for Life, but it really is my passion these days.  This plan literally saved my life and I am all about making sure that people know about the plan and helping people change their lives! 

The plan bought me time and gave me extra days of doing what I love to a dad and family guy!  I shutter to think what would have happened if I had continued down the path i was on.  My days on this Earth would have been numbered and Kevin would not have his dad around for a long time, and it still makes me sad to this day to think about what I was doing to myself and my family.  Truth be told, TSFL has its amazing stories of people that have lost over 100 pounds, and I have a few clients that are there or heading there, but what people dont understand that there are plenty of stories of people just trying to create optimal health and lose 10-20 pounds!  some of my favorite client stories are those that struggled to lose that last 15 pounds trough working out and needed that extra jump start.  I am happy to help them do that!

I really want to spread my message and help as many people as i can and I am asking you all for help!  I know that we all know people that could benfit from this plan and improve their health.  Dont be afraid to approach a friend or loved one about it, share my story with them and have them call me...If my friend TJ had not talked to me when he did I may not be hitting the keys on this laptop right now.  Let's see what we can do together...see if we can improve the health of those around us - its the most important gift we can give someone, and i am committed to do that!!

Kevin turned 3 this passed weekend and I can not beleve it.  He told me that he would still hug me and give me cuddles until he was 10...i cant wait to remind him of this at 5th grade graduation when he is with his buddies!!  i am amazed by how much he has grown up in just the last year and I am so proud to be his dad.  He makes me smile every day and I hate it when he goes to bed - - thank God Christine is here because if not he would stay up all night with daddy!  I am looking forward to many more great years with him and looking forward to this summer's events! 

I plan on posting more often now, so I will share some more about my journey - along with some tips about what my family is eating during summer cookouts and such.  Thanks for listening and let me know if i can help you or someone you know on a path to health!!!

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