Monday, November 23, 2009

14 Weeks

You know you are excited for your child to arrive when you are so excited that they can now produce urine!! That's right folks - my child can now produce urine and pee!! It's been a couple weeks since my last blog, because honestly there is not a lot that is changing! Christine is moving along nicely and without sickness...and this is good for her and even better for me! You hear all the horror stories..."Just wait man...she is going to start flipping out on you, and getting sick everywhere!" Truthfully, she has only snapped at me when I have given her a good reason to do so!

We have started to search for the essentials, and the not so essentials for the baby! By essentials I mean: Crib, Dresser, Rocker, Changing table, etc. The furniture is the big ticket stuff that needs to be addressed!! By non-essentials I mean the stuff we have filling part of the Baby Room already! That "baby room" by the way, has once been called the "wedding room" (used to stuff all our extra items from the wedding in 2007), and then "the Everything we don't have anywhere else to put" room! The room has successfully been cleaned out and now is suitable for a baby! TOT SWAP...2 words that every expectant father has heard, and the origin on the non-essential stuff we have acquired! Don't get me wrong...I know eventually we are going to need a dog that talks about numbers and the alphabet and laughs when you touch its red nose...but we don't need it NOW! The best part about this is that all guys have heard the same thing..."But it was on sale!!" I swear women will buy anything if its on sale! Christine had a budget of $50 for the TOT Swap a month ago...I told her that we will be getting a lot for our Baby Showers (3 of them) and we don't really need to spend money yet! The night was a success for Christine, but not so much for the budget...she spent $98!

Cleaning out the room was no easy task. Christine and I both had a vision of how that process would go, but I soon realized that mine was simply a vision, and in now way resembling a plan of action! It is amazing too me how much "stuff" you can acquire in 2-3 years...and I am sure it only gets worse from here!

The new developments are that we now know the date where we can find out if we are having a boy or a girl - December 29th!!! and YES, we are finding out...I know, I know - Its a natural surprise that life gives you and we should not find out...and, "Back in the day we couldn't find out so we were surprised!" Well, I look at it this way...Back in the day you could not take Tylenol for a head ache because there was no Tylenol...So I'm taking my Tylenol, and if they can "surprise" me on December 29th and let me know what we are having...I'm all IN! It will still be a surprise, just 5 months early, and I am OK with that! We also have the names ready to go WAY ahead of schedule, but we have always really had our names we liked. I will let you know those later!

Have a safe, Happy, and Healthy Holiday this week, and make sure to spend as much time with your family as possible. Family is what it's all about, so enjoy each other....and as always: GO HALL!! BEAT THE DONS!

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