Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Hit (not what you think....yet)

So, I have learned quickly that things "hit you" at different times during pregnancy. No, I am not talking about Christine punching and knocking me out - although that could be coming...I am referring to those moments where you realize what is about to happen in life. Hearing the heartbeat was one of those moments, seeing it was another, and now putting up Christmas decorations has "hit me!" This will be the last Christmas that I will have without a child...and I get to be Santa next year! I know, this stuff sounds so weird and almost non-masculine...but I'm sorry, I am soaking it all in here! It's never a bad thing when you are true to yourself and true to who you are when expressing feelings. At least, that's what I was taught!

Christine has continued her fantastic pregnancy and has still not felt sick! Most of our friends seem to give her a bad look when she says this stuff because they refer back to their pregnancy woes. But, she really enjoys being preggo...and for a husband that is a good thing! We are both really looking forward to December 29th to find out what we are going to have. A lot of you think we are going to continue the Mount Saint Mary's trend and have a boy....for those of you that don't know what that is - let me explain. Christine has many great friends from the Mount, and so far 4 of them have had a child.....ALL BOYS! The 5th, is due at any moment, is a BOY! So Christine will either break the streak, or keep it alive! Personally, I am not really interested in all these boys having an interested in my daughter (if I have a girl that is) for a prom date. I would like it, however, if my BOY joined some of the other boys on the Calvert Hall Football Team....see where i am going with this?? And if it is a boy..i already saw about 1,000 things to be at the CHC school store! I would also be a happy father if i had a daughter...she would be a nun, but i would be very proud of my nun! Feel free to post away with what you think we will have...its always fun to hear the responses!

In closing, I just want to say that I am fully appreciative of all the comments and words of encouragement I have received about writing this blog. Some of the personal messages and facebook comments I have received have really touched me, and in some cases have brought a tear to my eye. I am not writing just to get a reaction, or say things just because they sound good. All that appears in this blog comes directly from my feelings...that's the only way I know! I have always wore my heart on my sleeve, and I mean everything i write...I honestly could not be happier at this point in my life. So, thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write me - and please...keep reading!

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