Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Conversations

Its funny to me how much conversations change once you have kids. Great topics like the weather and sports are great starters to most friendly encounters. However, once you have kids this definitely changes!! Anything from bowel movements or anything bathroom related, corny and crazy cartoons and kid programming, and deciding exactly how long you will continue to tell people how many months your child is, are all acceptable conversation topics! By the way - Kevin will be 2 in May and not 24 months! People without kids must look at us like we are crazy people when we answer a simple, "how are you" with "Great, Kevin is in big boy undies now!"
It's hard for most parents, myself included, to wrap our heads around the fact that some people don't really care about your kid peeing in a frog potty that is located in the living room because you are training your child to use it! Equally as disturbing to listening to grunts in the living room while eating breakfast is the way we congratulate Kevin each time he successfully achieves his goals of filling up said frog! I have seen Super Bowl celebrations that do not compare to Christine and I as we go crazy celebrating the act of being a "Big Boy!" The confetti is a bit much at times, but I like to think it is helping Kevin! To be honest, I am pretty sure I speak for all parents...I DON'T CARE whether you think its weird that we do what we do! I am happy to say that my weekends, weekdays, and my life revolve around that kid! There is nothing better than seeing that smile as we pour Gatorade on his head when he goes #2! Of course I'm kidding, but i think I just gave Christine some ideas!
I am happy to report that I had another awesome week with the weight loss and life changing program that I am blessed to be a part of. I lost 4 pounds in week 18 for a total of 96 pounds!!!Equal to all my accomplishments is the fact that I am able to help others get on that same path that has literally changed my life! It is easy to help out those you know and care about when you have had such a great journey has been an extremely rewarding and overwhelming experience.
It is important to keep track of what is important in life in all situations. That is one of the many life lessons I have learned in the last 18 weeks. Life is full of temptations, and full of distractions. Keeping your focus on those things that truly mean everything to you is the key to success. There is no Big Mac, loaded fries, or Five Guys Burger that is going to get me lost on my path to a healthier life. Being honest to myself and those crazy and hungry voices in my head is what separates this experience from the others. I know how my weight got out of control, and I accept that - what I wont accept is leaving my son without a father and my wife without a partner. This is not going to happen because I decided not to choose food over them, and did not choose temptations over love! Many of us deal with demons - whether its stress, alcohol abuse, drug addictions, or other obstacles. In all of these situations you need to remember how you got to that point, how to overcome that obstacle, and making sure it doesn't haunt you again! To me, obesity was every bit as addicting and life threatening than any drug out there. I was a ticking time bomb, and I was relying on that Hollywood actor to cut the right wire to defuse it. It turns out that I was the one that needed to cut that wire - and lucky i picked the right one because of the love and support of those around me!
If I told you that the most influential music artist on my journey has been Eminem, I bet a lot of you would be shocked - but its true! The song in general that has really touched me in a strange way is, "I'm Not Afraid." Now, there are some explicit lyrics to this one, but you know what - its 2012, and I can look passed a few F bombs to get to the true meaning behind the song...
"I'm not afraid To take a stand
Everybody come take my hand
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just lettin you know that, you're not alone
Holla if you feel like you've been down the same road"
That is some powerful stuff and has really inspired me. Now, it may be ironic that I used to eat M&Ms and now I am using Eminem to inspire me! I never gave M&Ms time to melt in my hand because they weren't there long enough....I challenge you all to find something inspiring and have it melt in you in some way.
As always thanks for reading and thanks for the support!

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