Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 things

Well, we just had our 8 week appointment - and it was as good as advertised! We are REALLY pregnant! it hits home when the doctor takes the time to go over everything with you and tell you how everything is going...And I am happy to report that all is very well! Christine was a trooper as usual and the nurses and the doctor could not have been better!

We had a sonogram and I got to see the heartbeat again...still amazing to see! I was happy that they took us back right away and did the sonogram because that is really what we both wanted to see - that the baby was doing great and to see that heart beating. And it was beating at 151 bpm, which I'm told is perfectly normal (it looks like our kid already has their parents stress levels)! After the pics the nurse took us back into a room and told us one of the best things I have heard so far...She said - "I will give you 3 pointers to your pregnancy that you should live by!" WOW, I thought to myself - I can even remember 3....and they made a lot of sense!

1. Don't read books! (WHOOPS, already started!)
2. Don't go on the Internet! (Christine is guilty here!)
3. Your friends aren't doctors! (HA HA)

I like #3 the best! The books and the Internet can scare the Hell out of you, but that third one can be the kicker!! I'm sure you have all heard the expression..."Opinions are like _________...Everyone has them (This is PG folks!)!" When you're pregnant - EVERYONE around you that has either a) been pregnant, b) known someone who has been pregnant, or c) wants to be pregnant, knows what you should be doing during your pregnancy! My wife and I were actually worried that she has not been sick and nauseous yet!! HA HA - AGAIN, we were worried that she WASN'T sick! Why? Well, because her pregnant friends are all sick! HA HA! The nurse told us that it is perfectly normal and perfectly lucky, and to laugh at our sick pregnant friends!! She really said that, but I would NEVER laugh at a pregnant woman!

After that the doctor came in and examined Christine (her yearly woman check-up), but this time it was a little different....Why? Because I was in the room during it! I have a better appreciation for being a dude after that exam, and I will leave it at that!! I'm also sure I will be more happy to be a guy after 9 months!

FACEBOOKing the fact that we were pregnant after the long wait was the best!! We have such a great group of family and friends supporting us! I could not wait to put that on there, but we all know that I have Facebook issues!!

That's it for now...and remember friends - you aren't doctors! But you can keep the opinions coming!!

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