Saturday, October 31, 2009

All By Myself

During the work week it seems that couples only see each other for a few hours a day. There are those few moments in the morning while getting ready for work, watching the news, and grabbing a breakfast bar on the way out the door....And those few hours at night for dinner and unwinding...Let's face it - Most of us work until 4 or 5 and then don't get home until 5 or 6...So the time spent together in the evening is limited...Well, when you get pregnant the time seems to diminish A LOT!!

One of the first signs of pregnancy is fatigue...Well, if by fatigue you mean acting like you were hit in the head with a tack hammer whenever you are at a rested state, then my wife is all over it! I swear I have never seen a person fall asleep so fast in my life...Once her glasses hit the night stand, it's all over! It's like she is turning a switch from awake to sleep! Normally this is a pretty good thing...Many people would love to fall asleep so easily...Well - she does this at 7:45pm...When you don't make the end of Wheel of Fortune I think you have issues!!

So, what have I done with all the down time?? Most of the nights I have taken full advantage of being in control of my TV destiny and falling asleep to sports on the tube without anyone telling me to "put something else on," or to "find something we both want to watch!" Guys - isn't it funny when they say that! I mean, they should just say, "Can we watch what I want?" - because that's what they mean! Anyway - there are also the nights where I fall asleep really early too! When there is nothing on TV (normally Wednesday nights) and I am finished harvesting my crops on Farmville (my newest vice), I figure there is nothing to do, so I sleep!

When you are married there are those times when you just say to yourself...."LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Obviously, this can be said by the husband or wife, and I think it should be said more freely...We all need our down time....But this pregnancy stuff gets a little ridiculous! Its like someone is saying, "Sleep now, because you wont know what sleep is like later!" But, how can i sleep when there is Anthony TV on all night!!!!

We are now almost 11 weeks along and entering the end of our first tri-mester! Crazy how fast time flies...especially for Christine...She has slept through most of it! HA HA!

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