Friday, October 23, 2009


It has been said (not necessarily by me) that pregnant women get a little crazy early on in pregnancy! I am pretty sure that my lovely wife is OK with me sharing that I have seen a little bit of this early on!! Hormones are a crazy thing at times, and during pregnancy they seem to be all hopped up like a bunch of 10 year olds on pixie stix! In my life, I have always dealt with sticky situations through humor...and these hi-hormonal times call for a bit of the same! Every time Christine seems to be getting a little out of whack, I say "RAGING!" - as if to say that her hormones are raging out of control! Now, the first time I said this I was definitely taking a walk on the wild and dangerous side! She could have erupted like a volcano and spewed lava in my direction...But - I know my wife, and she thought it was hilarious!

Being able to use humor in this situations is a gift, BUT there is a such thing as over use....And I have not mastered that yet! I know what you're all thinking...Christine is so sweet, how on Earth could she "snap!" Well, lucky for you all - I have an example...My brother and his girlfriend were coming over for dinner and they called me that afternoon asking what they could bring. I said a dessert would be nice, so they asked me what Christine could not eat so they didn't make that...well, in all the books and websites that i have looked at - i thought (which was my first mistake) that she could not eat nuts...So, i relayed this information to my brother. So they come to dinner and they bring a dessert with half nuts, and half NO NUTS! Christine enquired about the dessert and I said (acting like i helped her out), "I told them you couldn't have nuts sweetie!" She looked at me as if I had just ended her universe...and said - "WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING??" HA HA - apparently, she could have nuts, and wanted nuts!! Everyone laughed and i said, "RAGING!" Then she laughed!!

So guys...give it a try! If your pregnant wife is going off on a tangent and seem out of control...look at her and say.."RAGING!" But be ready to run in case they arent as cool as my lovely wife!!!


  1. I had no idea that a handful of walnuts would spark such a debate!

  2. That is a funny story. It sounds like something my husband Chris would write!