Monday, October 19, 2009


Life seems to be full of important questions that people will ask...and I have noticed that there is clearly no end in sight!! When I was a single college grad I would often get asked..."So, when are you going to settle down and date someone?" As if I wasn't looking, right? After Christine and I were dating for about 6 months the progression of questioning went on the path of engagement!! "When are you going to buy a ring and propose to this girl??" I remember that I didn't even have a chance to brush the dirt off of my knee before the next question followed...."When is the wedding?" AHHHHH

The questions however intensify after that, and they seem never-ending..."Are you guys planning on having kids?" - YES...."When?" - Not sure...we don't want to wait too long! "How many?" - Can I have 1 first?!! It felt like a HUGE relief to announce that we were pregnant...maybe the questions would stop!! HA - NEVER!!
  • Are you going to find out the sex?
  • Do you have names picked out?
  • Are you going to breastfeed?
  • Is your house big enough?
  • Whats the nursery going to be?
  • Is Christine going back to work?
  • Can you afford this?

For the record...YES, YES, not personally, YES, No idea, YES and NO!

Christine and I are planners, more her than I! Today in fact, I got a call from her asking what I was doing on a specific date next spring....My answer of course was - No idea! For this reason we need to find out the sex of the baby! We think that for the first baby the showers will go smoother if we know what we are having and know what to register we would drive ourselves insane!!

I have always heard expectant fathers say that they don't care if they are having a boy or a girl...just want a healthy baby! I always thought that they really all wanted sons, but they just said that to make their wife happy...And maybe they did...A boy would be great since my brother has had 2 beautiful girls, and we need some balance! Then again, a daughter would be great too...I always cry at the movie "Father of the Bride" and would love to have that kind of relationship with my daughter! I honestly thought I would always say BOY when I was asked that, but I guess things change when you are going through it! So my answer....boy or girl....a healthy baby is all I want!

Well...I thinks that's all for now...The only question I want to hear on this Monday night is "Are you Ready for Some Football???" And yes I am!


  1. Tim and I were talking today...if Baby Davis is a boy him and Baby Murphy will be in the same class at Calvert Hall!

  2. If Daddy Murphy and Daddy Davis can afford it! I figure by then Calvert Hall will be about $20,000 per year!